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What do I need to know about reroofing my home?

Maybe you’re not quite sure where to start? Or maybe you have reroofed your home before, but you need to brush up on some of the latest products and procedures? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our educational videos are the perfect solution to your needs. Your decision to reroof your home may have been the result of seeing a neighbor reroof his or her home. Or you’ve been experiencing some roofing problems which can no longer be ignored. Then again, maybe you’ve decided just to give your home a face lift and a new roof would really enhance the look. Whatever the reason, we want to help you make an informed decision.


To help you through the process, we have developed a series of educational videos which break down the reroofing process into areas such as getting started, selecting a product, selecting a roofing contractor and reroofing procedures. Our videos outline each of these areas and review the most commonly asked questions concerning each topic, with straightforward answers to help resolve some of your uncertainties.


We also suggest reading our printed homeowner brochures (listed under Helpful Resources) in addition to viewing these videos in order to achieve the maximum learning benefit. You’ll find that being prepared and knowing what to expect when your reroofing project begins will help ensure your ultimate satisfaction with your new roof.


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